Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To be HoPeFul

Oh life life life...isn't perfect anymore? Many of us having memorable and pleasant
life but then struggle comes, do we need to be hopeful?
You have your wealth but lack of love, you have love but striving for hunger, you do have peace in my mind but still trials come.

Where are you now? All of these didn't come in package. Yes of course because if you do have it all, how can we appreciate life? How can we feel the bitterness into success, the pain into hope and the depression into love.

How can we learn and improve? How can we smile when theres no reason at all. How you can say "Thank You" when you didn't experienced pain?
And of course, how would you know GOD when your life doesnt need to be Hopeful?

As what Starstruck slogan said "Dream, Believe and Survive".
Dream and reach the brightest star.
Believe in your self and you can do whatever you want.
Survive the trials that faces you...
And you will amazed and feel the beauty within you.
Coz life is beautiful, colorful, be cheerful and need to be hopeful.

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