Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FreEd0m a breaks 0n Love....

FReED0M in which to live…in which to raise our families…in which to speak… in which to move about as we please… in which to pray and attend the church of our choice…determination and grit…to choose a lifestyle that makes us happy…to choose our friends…to work as we see fit…to live our dreams…to choose our own passions…and to be whomever or whatever we wish!!

Maybe never have people been more preoccupied with freedom than today.
Of course, everybody is free to have his own definition of freedom.

A free man would not sell his freedom for money or women or wine or glory, A free man no longer fears death – his own or that of his loved ones.

Freedom to be myself...which Ive lost for how many years... now I found myself in the Arms of our Almighty... And thats what Freedom is..

And Happy to Say that "I'm FrEe at LaSt!!!"

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